Response to “Ignorance is Fort Bliss”

Mr Ramsey,

I agree with your comments concerning the issue of military installations not creating wealth. I also agree with you that City and County Leaders need to plan along the lines of there being no Ft Bliss. We should not become dependant upon its existence. We need to break the cycle of entitlement…

I do, however, disagree with you on your follow-on statements where El Paso would double in size and become a high tech and manufacturing hub. I believe that El Paso would revert to nothing more than a improved version of a ‘stage coach’ stop over for cargo travelling between the two coasts and maybe between Mexico and Canada. Our ‘leaders’ have proven time and time again that the only thing they really know how to accomplish is to drive away any potential business to nearby Santa Teresa and Las Cruces. And El Paso is (I guess) happy to pick up the scraps of some sale tax and property taxes of persons employed there but happen to live in El Paso county.

I can see the former Ft Bliss having been carved up by housing developers and other business types where there is nothing more than a glut of over priced homes and an expanded industrial park area that consists of nothing more than semi-trailer trans-shipping points for DHL, UPS, FED Ex, Walmart, and a handful of nation-wide transportation companies. I can even see the politicking to get large swaths of currently residential areas confiscated through ‘eminent domain’ in order to build a massive rail yard.

I’ve been told that I am too pessimistic; but these are my positive outlook visions.

Brian Edwards


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