Not Buying Your Particular Flavor of Garbage

By Brian Edwards

Nope, sorry Jaime.  I don’t buy your particular line of B.S.  What you are complaining about is a political tactic used by both sides of the aisle in Congress.  When one party wants to get something killed they will maneuver (mostly in committee) to have some very unpopular items attached as amendments.  Many times these unpopular items are unpopular to all politicians (or the vast majority) and the primary bill is rejected just to kill the amendment.
How in the world do you think most of the pork on Capitol Hill is grown?  In just this fashion.  Along comes a very popular piece of proposed legislation and everyone and their brother is looking to attach their own pork to it so “they can get theirs”.  This is how the political game is played.
You almost had me to where I read your entire article but when you started this three card Monty version of the “blame game” I quit reading for the most part.  I just glossed over the rest of your literary whining.
I am neither Democrat nor Republican.  I am, however, conservative in my nature.   I also personally believe that every piece of legislation should be presented and pass/fail on its own merits.  That is unreasonable I know because then Congress would not have any time to enjoy their numerous vacations.  There would also be a lot less “A-ha, Gotcha!” moments for political pundits and observers.  It is far easier to find something popular or unpopular when it is sent to the floor for a vote when it is there al by itself instead of buried in 2,000 pages of other amendments.


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