A Penny for Your Thoughts

I read an article online about the National debt and suggestions offered by Americans. Suggestions can be made at http://www.fiscalcommission.gov/. So here is my contribution.

Even though this has about as much weight as the ‘public input’ for the ASARCO smoke stack escapade. We, as a nation, need to change our attitudes when it comes to the perceptions regarding entitlements. Our society has become dependent upon government handouts. Handouts that have been paid for with borrowed money for many, many years.

Personal responsibility needs to return to the forefront of American culture. It is this societal attitude of individuality and self-reliance that has been the bedrock foundation of our national identity. I fear that FDR may have committed a greater harm than good with the passage of unemployment, welfare, and other pieces of legislature that have no end in sight. These laws created programs that have gradually sapped our internal strength; leaving us nothing more than a shell of our former being. Subsequent legislators have done NOTHING to reduce this dependency. And in many cases have worsened the situation. As such these are my recommendations, in no specific order of precedence, to assist in reducing this travesty that is our national debt as well as reforming our political landscape: (Bear in mind that they are not perfect and some are overly simplistic) Install term limits for ALL elected officials. Professional politicians are a very large reason we are where we are today. It is also a primary reason Congress’s poll numbers are so low. Politicians are also more beholden to their financial contributors then their respective political parties in that order. They never need the public except for elections.

Our government was organized the way it was in order for persons to become elected, SERVE, and then return to their former way of life. Not to remain and remain and remain. Many politicians are harder to get rid of than the clap. We do not need politicians, we need statesmen; leaders. In my opinion, our founding fathers did not envision a world where persons would be sufficiently of means (wealthy) so as to be interested in nothing other than “directing” our country.

Get rid of excessively large pieces of legislation.

No Amendments.

If a piece of legislation is not suitable to go before Congress by itself then it is not worthy of our attention. This is one method of reducing the amount of pork that Congress has grown to love. Congress passed Obamacare with comments to the effect of “pass it now, we will read it later”.

Gradually eliminate Social Security.

Technology has come a long way since the ticker tape and teletypes, as has the savvy of the individual. There are literally dozens of investment tools available. Americans need to be enabled to become responsible for their financial futures. I’m sure that there is an App for that…

It has taken American society decades to become dependent upon this government program and it will take us decades to get over it. The only option currently available is to quit cold turkey when Social Security collapses. Establish a cut-off date (for example 1 Jan 2015). Persons born on or after this date will not receive social security benefits. Persons will still pay into Social Security through payroll taxes. These taxes to the public can gradually be reduced as eligible persons pass away and the required amount needed also reduces.

This system began with approximately 13 payers for every recipient and it will never return to this level ever again. Declare victory and return our deployed forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. We have no business conducting “nation-building” operations.

History has proven how wasteful this can be through rampant corruption on all sides. If the United States needs to go to war then DECLARE WAR, conduct offensive operations; destroy the enemy then come home. We are not the policeman of the world, nor can we afford to rebuild the entire world. Penalize, through corporate taxes, companies that have their operations outside of the US in order to reduce their liabilities. This, along with my next point, are primary in reducing the number of jobs. The attitude of the “almighty profit margin” needs to go the way of the Dodo bird.

Efforts to reduce overhead need to be negated through corporate taxes.

Close loop holes that enable corporations to fore go the payment of taxes.

Get rid of the unions.

Their never-ending demands for more money and less responsibilities has directly contributed to the cost of American made products to increase.

Businesses need to be held accountable for working conditions, safety and all of the other issues that brought about unions in the mid-20th century.

Get rid of Welfare.

It was originally designed to ASSIST persons who had fallen upon hard times. We are now into our fourth generation of professional welfare recipients. Set a time limit for welfare assistance and enforce it.

Ditto with unemployment.

Nobody should receive 99 weeks of unemployment. There are jobs available. I’m sure that many persons will have other suggestions such as seal the border and tax the wealthy…

These are ideas that are over exposed every week in El Paso.

Brian Edwards


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