What’s a Girl to Do?

By Oliver Ramsey

Norma Chávez should be old news. But apparently Chente Quintanilla has resurrected her.

Just last week, Quintanilla filed several bills pertaining to the El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1. If that sounds familiar it’s because it is. In 2005, Quintanilla along with the late-Senator Madla filed bills relating to the district. The purpose? To prohibit non-landowners from voting in district elections.

The reason it was filed back then was because Norma and her then arch-nemesis Chuy Reyes fought it out during the District’s board elections. Reyes did not like the fact Norma had rounded up seniors or other folks who did not own property to vote in the District election. Never mind the fact Reyes’ slate of candidates won. By golly he was going to the Legislature to make sure those pesky elections ran as smoothly as possible.

But that unstoppable force, Reyes, met an immovable object, Chavez. After a long hard fought battle, Chavez killed Reyes bill. And Reyes was pissed.

So then comes along Marty Reyes. Marty Reyes ran against Norma claiming she was bought by TLR (Sound familiar?) and was a tool for Craddick. As it turned out, if there was anybody more disliked than Chavez, it was the Reyes name.

Since then though, Chavez and the Reyes’ have kissed and made up. But how long is that kiss going to last?

Chavez on her campaign website, which she oddly still maintains, boasts of the fact that she killed that bill. She claims it was in violation of the Constitution, Voting Rights Act, and Magna Carta. Well, maybe not the Magna Carta. But I digress. She claims that she prevented over 75,000 voters from being disenfranchised.

The question is now, since Norma has probably some time on her hands, is she going to stand idle and let this bill pass and let 75,000 voters become disenfranchised? Or is she going to help the Reyes’ pass it? Or will she fight it?


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