Adonis Genes and an Adonis Name

By Oliver Ramsey

The truth is that he became the richest man in the world by smashing all his competition through an intense desire to succeed.  The rage of success is only by fueled arrogance and an extreme belief in your own abilities.” – David K on Charlie Sheen

There is some truth to what David is saying, but there is another truth or truths that David is overlooking.  Guys like Charlie Sheen are not new.  We have seen them before, and we still see them again. 

When Charlie says he has “Adonis genes” what he really means to say and won’t say is that he has a great name.

Apocalypse Now, Gandhi, Wall Street, Gettysburg and The Execution of Private Slovik.  What do these movies and television show have in common?  Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez, also known as Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father. 

Hollywood is cutthroat.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have packed up their bags and left for LA seeking fame and fortune, but only to find a gig as an extra here and there, and part-time job as a waiter. 

Charlie Sheen, thanks in large part to the success of his father, was able to start a successful career in Hollywood. 

True, his most recent successes are his own, but we do not know,  and never will, whether or not Carlos Irwin Estevez would have had a shot auditioning for one of the greatest movies made in the 80s – Red Dawn – had it not been for his father’s own success and name.


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