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Adonis Genes and an Adonis Name

By Oliver Ramsey “The truth is that he became the richest man in the world by smashing all his competition through an intense desire to succeed.  The rage of success is only by fueled arrogance and an extreme belief in your … Continue reading

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What’s a Girl to Do?

By Oliver Ramsey Norma Chávez should be old news. But apparently Chente Quintanilla has resurrected her. Just last week, Quintanilla filed several bills pertaining to the El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1. If that sounds familiar it’s because … Continue reading

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A Penny for Your Thoughts

I read an article online about the National debt and suggestions offered by Americans. Suggestions can be made at So here is my contribution. Even though this has about as much weight as the ‘public input’ for the ASARCO … Continue reading

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Bringing Home No Bacon

By Oliver Ramsey We know who the Delegation is, but we do not know what their committee assignments are. And we will not know until late January or early February. El Paso community leaders are probably hoping that at least … Continue reading

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Chente’s Problem

By Oliver Ramsey It ain’t even 2011 yet and folks are already making plans for 2012. One of those folks is Robert Grijalva, Chente Quintanilla’s assistant. It appears that Grijalva is interested in the seat held by his former employer, … Continue reading

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The Delegation

By Oliver Ramsey No more publicized text message feuds. No more futile press conferences railing against the Governor. Thousands of trees saved from being turned into annual apocalyptic border reports. Thousands of dollars saved from not throwing needless parties. For … Continue reading

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Naomi’s Term

By Oliver Ramsey Republicans have near absolute control of the Texas House of Representatives.  At 99 seats, they are just one seat short of a two-thirds majority.  They may very well get that extra seat.   As for Texas House Democrats, … Continue reading

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